About Jason

February 8, 2018

Jason grew up in Albuquerque, NM but has resided in Tucson, AZ since 2006.  He is a husband and father of two girls.  He graduated in 2017 with an MA in Communication.

Currently, he is pursuing a career in broadcast radio and/or television.  He enjoys writing as well as contributing to the public discourse through this medium.

Jason doesn't like the division that racial and group identities bring, but understands that they are unavoidable realities that shape our lives and interactions.  As a half-White, half-Chicano man, he attempts to be someone who can provide measured perspectives from multiple experiences.  
A primary goal of Jsson's is to generate discussion with local Tucsonenses and resulting discourse that leads to peace, not homogeneity or uniformity of opinion.  His spectrum of beliefs ranges wide and he believes the same is true for most people.