About This Podcast

February 8, 2018
This is a podcast about Tucson residents who are concerned about cultural preservation, be it through art, business, or their contributions to local discourse.  The aim is to give a platform to those whose voices are rarely heard or considered, particularly as it regards indigenous, Mexican and Chicano peoples.
Communication is highly complex and has real, lasting effects in our day-to-day lives.  This podcast represents a response to a long-standing (and increasing) division between people based on differing social, political, and religious views.  We cannot understand each other if we rely on the current news networks to represent our views and arguments.  We have to communicate despite our differences. 
Tucson needs to "know itself."  There need to be more voices than are getting coverage.  Neither politicians nor community activists can accomplish this in a way that produces lasting effects.  Between The Lines aims to  demonstrate that Tucson already has an identity and that it's worth fighting for.